Vision & Goals

The CASMIP Lab was founded by Prof. Leo Joskowicz in 1996. The goal of the CASMIP lab is to conduct groundbreaking interdisciplinary research to develop innovative computer-based methods for assisting clinicians in the diagnosis, planning, execution, and evaluation of medical and surgical procedures.

We follow a synergistic methodology, which consists of developing the basic building blocks for computer-aided radiology and surgery while simultaneously developing solutions for specific clinical applications.

The CASMIP lab conducts basic and applied interdisciplinary research in close collaboration with the Hadassah University Hospital in Ein-Karem, Jerusalem, and with other leading hospitals, universities, and companies in Israel and abroad.

The main clinical areas of interest include Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Neurosurgery, and Orthopaedics. The technical areas include computer-aided radiology, surgical navigation, medical robotics, multimodal registration, anatomical segmentation, medical image processing, and patient-specific medical modeling.

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  • 32 MSc, 6 PhD, 3 MD theses and over 35 student projects.
  • 10-15 active students, 60 finished and currently work in academia and industry.
  • 6 book chapters, 85 journal and 130 conference peer-reviewed papers.
  • 6 patents awarded, 5 applications pending.


  • Muller Award for Excellence in Computer Assisted Surgery, 2010.
  • Kaye Innovation Award, The Hebrew University, 2007.
  • Outstanding Israeli Project, European FP7 Project, October 2007.
  • Best Clinical Paper, 6th Annual Meeting, Int. Society for Computer-Aided Orthopaedic Surgery, 2006.


  • 32 grants (1996-2017): Two European FP7 Consortia, one Israeli MAGNET Consortium, two Magneton and three Kamin grants all from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, two from the Ministry of Science and Technology, two from the Israel Science Foundation and ten internal university grants

Professional activities