In the pipeline

  • Buxboim, A., Shin, J.W. & Discher, D.E. Whole genome titrated microarrays for linearization of saturable binding with application to adult stem cells.

  • Buxboim, A. Spinler, K.R., Athirasala, A., Kao, Y.R., Harada, T., Irianto, J., Shin, J.W. Rehfeldt, F., & Discher, D.E. Matrix geometry regulates nuclear mechanotransduction to direct stem cell contractile phenotypes.

Conference Proceedings & Book Chapters

  • Irena Ivanovska, Joe Swift, Jerome Irianto, Kyle Spinler, Jae-Won Shin, Amnon Buxboim and Dennis E. Discher. Nuclear Imaging in Mechanobiology. Handbook of Imaging in Biological Mechanics. 397-409, 32 (2014)

  • Amnon Buxboim and Dennis E. Discher. Mechanical Interactions between Cells and Tissues. Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference, 201-209, 9, USA (2012)

  • Amnon Buxboim and Dennis E. Discher. Thin soft films and the cellular microenvironment. The international symposium on nanobio-interfaces related to molecular mobility, CREST, Japan (2009)


Positions available

Now recruiting Excellent students and postdocs who wish join an interdisciplinary research group with strong backgrounds in Life Sciences, Physics and Engineering. We look for team players who can appreciate the bigger picture.



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