Inna Blayvas
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An interetsting site in the Internet.

   There are plenty of interesting sites in the Internet, so it wasn't easy for me to choose one to write about. But finally I made a decision. I decided to write about "Everything Linux" - written by Michael Holve.

   So what's this site all about, you ask? Well, it's a collection written by a person who has been using Linux for a number of years, and has dealt with just about every situation that can arise. So, with a feeling of generosity and to help out the novices out there, he dedicated this site. I think that the information contained here will help Computer Science students in their studies, or at least show them what Linux is capable of.

   I have found a lot of interesting and useful information about Linux here. But most useful and interesting for me was not the site itself, but other sites that are linked from it. Without Michael's site I could never have found them myself. Also his links are grouped by themes. Following these links you can find everything that is somehow connected with Linux. My favorite are the links that take you to the world of Linux games, most of them free to download from web. There are also definitive resources for graphics info, a listing of Linux applications with descriptions, and even some humor pages.

   If you are visiting this site for the first time, I suggest you choose the non-framed version on the main page. Of course if you like to use framed versions you can choose that, too. Any of these choices will take you to the page full of links with short (one sentence) descriptions of the place the link will take you to. I recommend you try Site Overview and Site News links as they will give you the full information about the site and its usefullness for you. During your future visits to this site you must also try Linux Humor links, especially when you are overwhelmed with some big, frightening programming assigment. Take a few minutes to read some Linux-related jokes and life won't seem so awful. For whose who always look for something new to learn, links from the section HOW-TOs will be very interesting and useful.

   And finally if you can't find something you wanted to know about Linux on this site, you can try Linux Links which will take you to the page where you can find the answer on any Linux related question that you may have.